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Burn more calories and make yourself a stronger runner with circuit training.

Circuit training or circuit training is training done by forming several training posts. This combination of posts is likened to a circuit. Each post has one form of exercise with certain functions and objectives. The purpose of circuit training is to combine cardio training and strength training to improve several physical components gradually and continuously. Circuit training can be done in the field, outdoors, or using machines for weight training.

In the context of being a runner, circuit training targets physical fitness, body strength, stamina, and mobility – everything that is needed as a foundation to become a good runner. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to include circuit training as part of the exercise.

Consider the following before you do a circuit training.

  1. Distance traveled
  2. Weight or training load
  3. Weight and light variations between posts
  4. Muscle involvement (large muscles, small muscles, upper body muscles, lower body muscles)
  5. Time to do the exercise
  6. Physical component trained (eg speed or agility)
  7. Exercise repetition

The following is an example of a circuit training exercise.

Pos 1: Skipping, 20-40 seconds.

Pos 2: Running back and forth (shuffle run) 3-5 meters, 6-8 times.

Pos 3: Pushup, 6-10 times.

Pos 4: Situp, 10-15 times.

Pos 5: Backup, 15-20 times.

Pos 6: Lunges, with or without additional burden, 10 times.

Pos 7: Sumo squats, with or without additional weight, 10-15 times.

Move from one post to another without rest. Do it 1-2 times a week.